Melkote Palash Leafplate (pack of 50 leaves) மேல்கோட்டை பலாச இலைத் தட்டு

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The palash leaf plate is handmade in Melkote.It is packed in packs of 50, 100 etc .
Butea frondosa also known a palash in hindi is known for its medicinal properties.
The leaves are pieced together to make disposable plates and bowls.It is an Eco friendly product and can be used as a substitute for Banana leaf (வாழை இலை). It is Ideal for places where Plantain leaf is not easily or readily available. It is mentioned in ayurveda that it is very beneficial for people who eat in these plates. It helps in reducing vaata (வாதத்தையும் கபத்தையும் குறைக்கவல்லது) and kapha doshas and also prevents constipation. It also improves one’s memory
Additional information about palasa leaves:
 The leaves of the Butea Monosperma are used as ingredients of tonics and aphrodisiacs and are also helpful in arresting bleeding or secretion.

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