En Vazhkaip Pathaiyin Kadanthakala ChuvadugaL Part 4

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6 Replies to “Sri Vaishnava Sri Krishnamachari Swamy’s Autobiography Contd.”

  1. I have read the first 3 parts. The information
    provided r very interesting and useful also. It is also awful to note how he had recolllected all these events, figures, places, persons etc., I pray Lord NRUSIMHA to shower his blessings to him with long life to enable him to serve to VAISHNAVA SAMPRADHAYAM.

  2. One correction in part 4 on #108 regarding the Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse in 1940. It was erroneously believed the collapse was due to resonance. Also it was not due to marching of soldiers. There was no human fatality.The bridge swayed in a windstorm (40 mph) and collapsed due to “aeroelastic flutter”. There was only one car on the bridge at the time of collapse. The driver escaped by crawling on his knees and hands back to the tower area. When the bridge collapsed the car along with the dog “tubby” went into the Puget sound waters. Here are the relevant URLs.

  3. Part 4, #176. There is a serious error in the statement, ” aDutta nimiDamE taTTaNu fibrinogen engira puradattai fibrin engira surappiyin mUlam surakka vaikkiradhu”. If this statement was found in a textbook it is propagating misinformation. It is not only erroneous but reflects lack of fundamental knowledge.

    Fibrin is not a gland nor does the platelet convert fibrinogen into fibrin. By the way both fibrinogen and fibrin are proteins. As the name implies, fibrinogen produces fibrin (gen= produce; like hydrogen produces water(hydro))

    The real phenomenon that takes place (in brief) is this. Once a bleeding takes place due to a cut in the blood vessel the platelets start aggregating into a cluster. Simultaneously the enzyme thrombin converts fibrinogen to fibrin (prothrombin is converted to thrombin assisted by vitamin K). The fibrin forms a network trapping the platelets. This network will patch up the cut in the blood vessel much like darning a hole in a cloth with stitches.

  4. Here are some items to be included in the ERRATA page regarding part 4.
    1. In the B.Sc batch 1957-60 in St. Joseph’s,, the 2 Shakespeare plays were Twelfth NIght, and King Lear (not “As You Like It” as mentioned).
    2. The name of the physics professor is S. Ladislaus Chinnadurai (not Claudilus as mentioned).
    3. The number of students in B.Sc class of 1957-60 was 48 which dwindled to 42 after enginerring applicants left (not 24)
    4. The English professor and New Hostle warden’s name is misspelled. It is T. N. Sequeira (it is a Portugese name).
    5. There is a mention of Moral Instruction course. Yes for non-Christian students it was a general subject taught. But even though college exams were conducted there was no requirement for passing the exam (definitely not part of University exam). I was even awarded a prize for coming first in the Moral Instruction exam. The delay of degree for some students who got first class in Chemistry was not due to failure in Moral Instruction but the part 3 of Tamil exam taken in the third year. Some students had to take the part 3 Tamil exam again in September of 1960 and pass it in order to get their diploma.
    6. Suberyl arginine is NOT a steroid but is just an amide formed by combining suberic acid ( a fatty dicarboxylic acid) with the amino acid arginine.. But the steroid that is cauisng the problem in paragraph #23 is called Bufadienolide.
    7. Earth’s circumference is mentioned as 250,000 miles. It is only 25,000 miles.
    8. The river Kudamurutti is not a tributary (upa nadhi) but a distributary (kiLai nadhi) of Kaveri.
    9. The number of muslims in 1950 in India is mentioned as 60 laksh (paragraph #145). It is 60 millions. Currently it is 160 million (3rd largest in the world after Indonesia, and Pakistan).
    10. DNA does not dictate when a person would die. For example, a heart attack patient will die if left untreated (as per the failed DNA). But when tPA is administered in time his life will be extended. The so-called vidhi applies only to certain features like being born with congenital disease like cystic fibrosis, hemophilica etc. When Nature ordains something it can be contravened many times externally. Remember the adage “vidhiyaiyum madhiyal vellalAm”.
    11. There is mention in several places that DNA bases are amino acids. No, they are not amino acids. The bases are A,T,G, and C which are pyrimidines and purines. They are linked periodically to the sugar-phosphodiester chain. The term nucleic acid refers to “phosphoric acid” link. Amino acids are only involved in forming the proteins in the cell and not for DNA formation.
    12. There is a mention of oxygen release when samithu is burned. This is wrong. The samithu is not a storehouse of liquid oxygen that we use in research labs. Even if one assumes that the samithu contains oxygen when it is placed in the fire, it will be consumed first while burning the biomass carbon of samithu along with the oxygen found in the surrounding ari. The “oxygen story” of arasa maram is just a myth.
    13.In paragraph #329 perungAyam is mentioned as gas-producing. Actually perungAyam is known to be a cure for gas in stomach. It is like charcoal with a lot of surface area capable of absorbing gas. If one takes a glassful of buttermilk with a little perungAyam, it is good for relief from gas.

    I mention the above just to point out the corrections although this is not a textbook. Since certain features are described in detail it is better to get the facts right. No adverse criticism is intended.

  5. Three minor corrections in part 5.
    1. The movie by Alfred Hitchcock is mentioned as “Bird”. The actual title of the movie is “The Birds”.
    2. Bikshandar koyil (also known as uththamar koyil and tirukkarambanur) is on the northern bank of KKoLLiDam river not on the banks of KAvEri.
    3. One of the songs in KappalOTTiya Thamizhan is described to be in the rAgam “MOga KalyANi”. It has to either “mOhana kalyANi” or “mEcakalyANi” (also known as just kalyANi)

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