An Appeal for Funds

An Appeal for Funds
At the Thirukkurungudi Nambirayar Temple, in the month of June, 2004 the Siva Idol known as “Pakkam Nindrar” was forcibly removed from the sannithi, and the sannithi buildings were demolished. A civil case was filed in the Nanguneri sub-court against the Jeeyar of Thirukkurungudi Mutt (O.S. No. 288/04) to direct him to install the Idol in its original place. The sub court gave the judgement in our favour, and the Jeeyar went on appeal against the judgement delievered by the sub court, to the Chennai High Court Madurai Bench. There also the Jeeyar’s appeal was not considered and Jeeyar was asked on 23.10.2011 to construct the Pakkam Nindrar Sannithi within three months time and install the Idol of Siva.
Eventhough there is no provision in the Law for further appeal they have taken the case to the Supreme Court on some technical grounds. Sri. Venu Srinivasan of the T.V.S. is backing up the case with his liberal flow of money and legal assistance to the Jeeyar. The Jeeyar had acted against all dharmic principles and had gone against the spirit of Thiruman gai Azhwar’s Peria Thirumozhi hymn 9-6-1. by demolishing Sivan Sannadhi. The D.D.P.P.P. for the past seven years has waged the battle against the Thirukkurungudi Jeeyar and Sri Venusrinivasan of T.V.S. group with its limited resources. Inorder to meet the expenses to argue the case with a Senior lawyer, transport expenses, and other incidental expenditure, at the Supreme Court, we need Rs. 3 Lakhs immediately. The case cameup for hearing on 18th July, 2011 and postponed to 16th August 2011.
The Saiva siddhantha sabha represented by Saivaites are contributing Rs. 2 Lakhs to meet the expenditure and we have to contribute Rs. 1 Lakh. We request Sri Vaishnavaites all over the world to contribute substantially towards this noble cause. We cannot afford to lose this case at the Supreme Court as it will amount to evil prevailing over good. The Thirukkurungudi Jeeyar not only did the demolition but also had acted against the wish of his predecessors and Thirumangaiazhwar.
Contribution please to be sent to,
Sri. A. Krishnamachari, Secretary, D.D.P.P.P. Srirangam. ICICI Bank Account No. 612501122817.
Place: Srirangam.
Date: 23.7.2011.