Stoppage of Vishvaroopa seva at Srirangam

1) Shocking Developments in Srirangam Temple

With the advent of Adi Masam, (ashada) a new development has taken in
Srirangam temple,on all fridays considered holy.The Joint commisioner
has abolished Viswaroopam It is against all agamic norms. The
justication stated by the EO is to “make room for sevarthis
uninteruupted darshan from morning 6.00 AM onwards to 10.00 PM”

2) The meaning of Viswaroopam
The Lord who went to symbolic sleep the previous night, has to be
woken up formally with the relevent mantras in viswaroopam,then
request has to be made to him to shower his blessings on the devotees
The Joint Commisioner unilaterally has stopped viswaroopam seva, all
of a sudden which will take about half an hour time.

3) Lord Forced to take prasadams for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner
Similarly on all purtasi saturdays, the pradsadam offered in the
morning is known as pongal , and mid day prasadam is know as ‘peria
avasram’ and evening offering is ‘ksheera annam’ as per the norms
extant .The Present Day Executive Officer is making the lord to eat
all the Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner by five o clock in the morning
all the same in one go. The reason stated is much crowds are expected
during these months, just to have uninteruppted darshan from morning
six to nigt 10.00 Pm.

4) In Thirumala
In Thirumala more than lak of devotess throng everyday. Not on a
single day the Viswaroopa seva, Suprabhata Seva, Thiruppavai seva is
stopped. With less than 30000 devotees visting everyday, why such
rituals have to be be stopped in Srirangam, is a reflection of poor

5) Temples are not commercial vehicles;

Temple are not commercial vehicles to fill the Government coffers.
Will the Joint Comissoner eat breakfast, lunch and Dinner in one Go?

It is high time that the devotess step in and register their protest
wit the commisoner HR & CE and EO of Sri Ranganatha swamy Devasthanam.

Devaotees ACT NOW: If you do not act now, a time will come when all
the sacred rituals will stop forever.


Joint Commisioner and express your protest
Telephone Phone 91-431-2432246
Fax – 91-0431-2436666