Sri Ramanuja’s Vedartha Sangraham – 2 Vols வேதார்த்த சங்க்ரஹம் எளிய தமிழ் உரை


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This book , Vedartha Sangraham consists of 2 volumes. It contains the original text in transliterated form and the meaning of each Shloka in Tamil. This constitutes 100 % of Vedartha Sangraham .

The commentaries for Vedartha Sangraham have been written by Sri Vaishnava Sri “Koilozhugu” Krishnamachari for the benefit of Tamil speaking public in a simple, lucid and easy to understand language and style to reach out to the masses and bring them nearer to Sri Ramanuja during His Millennium celebrations. In case of any doubt regarding this write up please mail us at before ordering.